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The Problem

Wildlife management is often thought of in terms of protecting and caring for wildlife and their habitat. However, many animals often require management to reduce conflicts with people and other animals. Increased wildlife numbers, urbanization and population growth are the reason for many of these conflicts.

The Solution

Animal Capture Wildlife Control calls for solutions for both animal and man alike by freeing your home or business of all skunk, raccoon, opossum, bat, coyote, and snake problems in a timely fashion. We are the company you have relied on for years! We service all of greater Los Angeles to Bakersfield. We have the expertise and experience to solve diverse problems such as skunk removal, skunk trapping under buildings and decks, raccoon removal, raccoon trapping in attics and under floors, opossum removal, and opossum trapping in attics and under floors. We are also experts in dead animal removal. When an animal dies in the attic, under floor or in the wall it takes an expert to search and locate the animal. We carry out inspections in attics and under floors while these animals are still in these locations. Most importantly we have the knowledge to search out the damage done by these animals. Our job is to safely and humanely put an end to your uninvited wildlife guests. We accomplish this by educating our customers about these animals, the damage they cause, and where the animals are entering, so this does NOT happen again! We remove skunks, raccoons, opossums, and other wildlife immediately if possible or we will set up humane traps that catch these animals alive. Our goal is to eliminate future problems and insure the safety of your property and you!

Here at Animal Capture Wildlife Control we are big on customer service! We are a family owned business, so we treat you like family! We service property owners, real estate and property management companies, golf courses, theme parks, homebuilders and municipalities at large. Contracts are available. Many pest control companies, law enforcement agencies, animal control and state humane officers also recommend us.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control has been featured on "Larry King Live," on CNN and "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel. Governor Pete Wilson awarded a Special Commendation on behalf of California to Animal Capture Wildlife Control on September 26, 1997 for our animal rescues and being a positive example in community involvement and leadership and another from President Bill Clinton on March 14, 1995 for selfless dedication to improving our community and spirit of service.

We DO NOT deal with dogs. Please call your local Animal Control!

Member of California NWCO Association, NADCA, NACA, BCI, B.A.T. Certified, State Licensed & Insured.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control

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