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"Under current California law, property owners or their employees may legally remove bats from property in Los Angeles when bats are damaging it. (It is illegal to capture or possess bats for any other reason without a license from the Department of Fish and Game.) Beware of unscrupulous pest control companies in Los Angeles, however, that want to poison or fumigate bats to kill them. Not only is the use of poisons or fumigants on bats illegal under both state and federal law, it's costly and doesn't solve the problem. Unless bats are removed and their access points sealed, more bats will be back next year. The best way to remove bats is by permanently excluding their access. A variety of humane exclusion techniques are available that let bats escape from, but not reenter, the roost in your building. Exclusion techniques should NOT be used during the maternity season if young is present, usually from about the beginning of June through the end of August, when young bats are unable to fly and manage on their own. Besides being unnecessarily cruel, excluding bats during the maternity season can actually make the problem worse with the smell of dead baby bats and bugs they attract. Despite the valuable role bats play in our ecosystem, losses are occurring at alarming rates worldwide. In Los Angeles, 10 of our 24bat species are currently classified as "Species of Special Concern," meaning that they have low or declining numbers of individuals, or low, scattered or highly localized populations that require active management to prevent them from becoming threatened or endangered species."

"Although you may never have a bat in your house in Los Angeles, you cannot avoid them - they occur everywhere on our planet except the North Pole and Antarctica. Almost one-quarter of the world's 4,400 species of mammals are bats. Twenty-four of the more than 900 species occur in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, bats occur at elevations ranging from below sea level to almost 11,000 feet. As for the myth about rabies, less than on-half of one percent of bats carry rabies, and normally bite only in self-defense. They pose little threat to the people who do not handle them. Worldwide, 99 percent of the human deaths due to rabies each year are due to contact with rabid dogs, the primary vector of human rabies. The simplest way to prevent exposure to rabies is to avoid contact with any unfamiliar animal, and never handle wild mammals. Rabies in bats takes a paralytic form, meaning the animal becomes subdued and may be found quietly resting on the ground. Never pick up a bat on the ground - instead, call a professional like Animal Capture Wildlife Control for Bat removal in Los Angeles. Bats, like other mammals, have hair, nurse their young, and produce body heat internally. Unlike all other mammals, bats fly, using wings formed by a flexible, leathery skin membrane stretched between highly modified elongated fingers and forearms, leg bones and the tall. But unlike most small mammals, bats are long-lived (up to 30 years or more for some species), and most species produce only one young per year."

Here at Animal capture Wildlife Control Los Angeles Bat removal agency. we treat bats in the most humane way possible, we never hurt them, and most important we NEVER kill them. We use one-way doors to remove bats, we seal up their access point as well as any other potential access points. Experience is the biggest thing in determining the bats access points. In the removing process, you need the expertise to know how to get the bats out without injuring or killing them. Only an expert will know when all the bats are completely out.


Courtesy of Betsy C. Bolster, DFG Staff Environmental Scientist.

bats can carry rabies bats stick to the dark we treat bats very humanely

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