Animal Removal in Hidden Hills, CA

Humans and animals coexist in California. When animals threaten your safety, you can depend on our animal capture services. Hidden Hills, located in the west San Fernando Valley, is in close proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains and Simi Hills Transverse Range, with a large nature reserve situated just to the north.

Professional Wildlife Removal

Animal Capture Wildlife Control specializes in live and dead animal removal. Our process is always humane and involves the safe trapping of animals on your property. We set up the traps and leave them for five to seven days. The traps are placed at access points and other areas we find during a thorough inspection of your home. Once animals are trapped, we remove and safely relocate them unharmed. 

Whether you spot a rattlesnake or require skunk removal from under your house, our wildlife trapping experts can address the problem. Seeing wild animals near your home isn’t always a cause for concern. The problem is when they’re looking to get inside your home. They can threaten your family—especially your pets—and be extremely unsanitary, but our experts can handle the situation.


Animals We Typically Capture

Never handle a wild animal yourself. They can cause serious injury, be poisonous, or carry disease. Call us to handle opossum, raccoon, or snake removal. Bats looking for a cool dark place may settle in your attic—a perfect hiding spot. If you need bat removal from the attic, we can remove them to restore your peace of mind. Skunks, while not poisonous, can leave a nasty odor, so call for skunk removal from under your deck if you see any. Our wild animal control experts also specialize in coyote removal.

Snakes are particularly dangerous. They hide in hidden areas under homes and in gardens and sneak in through small cracks and floorboards. Snake bites can be dangerous and even fatal, especially if you’re bitten by a rattlesnake or other poisonous species. Fecal matter from bats can put your health at risk. Raccoons can spread rabies, so it’s important to contact an expert if you spot one during the day and/or it’s acting unusual.

About Us

Animal Capture Wildlife Control has been recognized for its animal control services in and around Hidden Hills, CA. We are highly regarded for animal capture services that involve:

  • Using live cage traps as a humane solution
  • No poison, ensuring the safety of children, pets, and adults
  • Releasing wildlife back into natural habitats
  • Hygienically removing deceased animals found in your home; we do not remove roadkill

In a world where urbanization and population growth have increased conflicts between humans and wildlife, we can safely trap and remove wildlife from your home. Our business is family owned and operated, and we are licensed by the Fish and Wildlife Association.

Contact Us for Professional Service

Our business has been recognized nationally and by local newspapers and magazines. We are proud to serve Hidden Hills residents, state offices, pest agencies, and local police departments. When you find a rattlesnake, skunk, or raccoon in or around your property, don’t jeopardize your safety. Call Animal Capture Wildlife Control at 310-551-0901.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control

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