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May 2019 - Animal Capture Wildlife Control

Do Raccoons Hibernate?

If you have ever had to deal with raccoons in the wintertime, you may be wondering why they aren’t hibernating like many other animals do during the cold months. While raccoons are genetically wired to sense impending cold weather and prepare for it, they don’t traditionally hibernate like other animals.

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Will Raccoons Interact With Pets?

Attacks of raccoons on pets can be rare, but they do happen. If raccoons don’t have food available to them, they could decide to prey on smaller animals, such as dogs and cats. It may be difficult for them to catch larger animals, but they can successfully prey on kittens. However, it’s also common to see raccoons eating side by side with dogs and cats, especially if they are fed by their owners outside. Feeding pets outside is the primary reason your pets may come in contact with raccoons. Dogs may attack raccoons, but cats will usually ignore them. It’s best to keep small animals inside, especially at night, to avoid any attacks.

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