Making Sure Your Trash Cans Are Cleaned Up This Holiday Season


The holidays are quickly approaching. There will be family gatherings, a rainbow of leaves on the ground, backyard football, and of course food, lots of food. With this increase of food comes an increase of leftovers and old food that eventually gets thrown out, creating a smorgasbord for critters, such as raccoons, who love to invade our trash cans for their own Thanksgiving feast. While seen as cute and innocent, raccoons who have become accustomed to being fed or feeding from human trash cans sometimes become aggressive, not to mention the numerous parasites and diseases they carry. It is paramount to remember that safety comes first for you, your family, and the animal.

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Effective Mouse Trap Placement

Effective Mouse Trap Placement

Of all the pests, varmints and rodents that can plague a human habitation in Los Angeles or nearly anywhere else, the quick and clever mouse is probably the most ubiquitous, prolific, annoying and potentially harmful of them all. Once mice have moved in, they can be hard to get rid of on your own, and often the best solution is to call a professional animal removal service. However, with a little knowledge, patience and perseverance, effective mouse removable is possible.

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