Making Sure Your Trash Cans Are Cleaned Up This Holiday Season


The holidays are quickly approaching. There will be family gatherings, a rainbow of leaves on the ground, backyard football, and of course food, lots of food. With this increase of food comes an increase of leftovers and old food that eventually gets thrown out, creating a smorgasbord for critters, such as raccoons, who love to invade our trash cans for their own Thanksgiving feast. While seen as cute and innocent, raccoons who have become accustomed to being fed or feeding from human trash cans sometimes become aggressive, not to mention the numerous parasites and diseases they carry. It is paramount to remember that safety comes first for you, your family, and the animal.

Tips to keep these critters away from free meals and human encounters start with always being mindful of what you toss away. If it is something that you think may attract an animal, it probably will. Next, the proper way to dispose of trash is to always use a trash bag that is fully tied or cinched together and placed in a garbage can that has a well-fitting lid and is cleaned regularly. Finally, in areas where raccoons are known to be persistent, a strap or bungee type cord can be utilized to hold the garbage can lid tightly in place.

While commonplace in many areas across the nation, raccoons are known to be creative critters who, over time, wear out their welcome when living close to humans. If you find yourself in this situation, it is advised to seek the service of a professional. Animal Capture Wildlife Control is that professional company that specializes in raccoon removal services, and they can be found at