Bobcat Removal Tips

Bobcat in Backyard

A bobcat is a medium-sized wild cat — weighing between 15-40 pounds — that’s becoming increasingly common in the United States. Bobcats are naturally shy animals, which is why sightings are rare in urban areas. Unless rabid, bobcats are highly unlikely to attack a human, but they are attracted to food sources, including small domestic animals, rodents, wild bird scraps and pet food.

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Snakes in Southern California

Snakes in Southern California

If a snake is in your home, you should know one thing: Do not move it. Doing so would be an unnecessary risk. Snake removal should be handled by animal control experts. San Diego Gopher Snakes, California King Snakes, California Lyresnakes, Coast Mountain Kingsnakes, Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes — these are some of the snakes you might find in Southern California. Two of these snakes are venomous, whereas three are not. Do you know which ones are harmful to humans?

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