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Guide to Making Your Home a Pest-Free Environment

Because of their ability to cause damage and spread disease, pests can grow from a minor nuisance to a significant concern in a short period of time. Yet when you know the ins and outs of pest prevention, you can enjoy your home for years to come.

Clean on a Regular Basis

One of the easiest ways to eliminate pests from your home is to clean it regularly. Vacuum, sweep, dust, or mop frequently and dispose of any dirt and debris outside when finished. Using soap and water, vinegar, and other natural insecticides when cleaning can also be very effective.

Eliminate Hiding Places and Habitats

Pests like bed bugs live and breed near places where shelter and food are plentiful. Eliminating these areas can help keep your home pest-free. Conduct an inspection of your home, noting any areas where items like cardboard boxes, newspapers, old food containers, or clothing are piling up. Then rid your home of these excess items by donating, reusing, or recycling them.

Another very common source of pests can be the kitchen, where trash and dirty dishes can accumulate. Eliminate the chances of rats, cockroaches, ants, and other pests invading your home by washing dishes and countertops after every meal and taking the trash out every day.

Secure Your Food Storage

Improperly stored food is another typical cause of pest infestations, not to mention nasty surprises at mealtimes. Consider transferring boxed foods like cereals and pasta to sealable containers, bags, or both. The more inaccessible you can make your food to pests, the fewer there will be.

Identify and Block Entry Points

Young man looking inside a rodent hideout

Many of the most troublesome pests make their way into homes through openings that the homeowner wasn’t even aware were there. Inspecting your home for these potential entry points and blocking access can be enough to keep your home pest-free.

Look for holes and cracks around the interior and exterior windows and doors and openings in walls and roofs. Ensure that your blockage will both prevent pests from chewing through and keep out cold and moisture.

Inspect Your Pets, Too

A pet that goes in and out of your home frequently can be a convenient way for pests to travel into your home. Groom and inspect your pets for fleas, ticks, and other critters on a regular basis, and do so outside if possible. Ensure a clean feeding area by removing all leftovers after every meal.

Call a Professional

Despite your best intentions, pest infestations can still occur. If you’ve tried the suggestions above and are still experiencing pest problems, it’s time to obtain professional advice. Whether you are dealing with rodents, snakes, or other dangerous pests, Animal Capture Wildlife Control can help.

We are licensed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and possess over twenty years of experience in the safe and humane removal of unwanted pests from private homes and commercial properties. Our pest control service includes a thorough inspection of your property, repair of damage, and installation or repair of pest barriers.

Discover why we’re the pest management and control solution for so many property owners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Visit us online or call (310) 551-0901.