How A Raccoon Trap Works

Posted on June 23, 2017 by Animal Capture

How A Raccoon Trap WorksSome states require that you have proper licensing to perform animal capture and animal removal. Raccoons can pose serious health threats to people. Check your state regulations. If it is legal, you may not need to hire a professional to successfully perform raccoon removal. However, hiring a professional guarantees safe wildlife removal. You can purchase professional, humane animal removal equipment from a wildlife trap company.

A raccoon trap is an effective removal method because raccoons are curious animals that are always on the lookout for food. However, raccoons are an intelligent animal. If you set up your trap incorrectly and the trap does not successfully trap the raccoon on the first try and it escapes, the raccoon will likely not be able to be lured by that trap again


You can either purchase a one-door or two-door model. One-door traps allow the animal to completely enter the trap. For a higher catch rate, the two-door model will be your best option. Place the trap where the raccoons like to hang out, which is near trash, gardens or patios.

There are several types of bait options for raccoon traps. You can buy food that is specific to raccoon traps, or you can use sweet food or meat to lure the raccoon inside the trap.

Raccoon Bait Food

  • Marshmallows
  • Wet cat food
  • Fish
  • Bacon
  • Corn

Each trap comes with a set of unique instructions. Follow them accordingly and be sure to test the trigger a few times before setting up your trap site. The trigger plate, once pressed, should allow for the close mechanism to take place. Once you ensure that the trap is successfully set up, place the trap in an appropriate area and make sure to check it regularly.