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How Do I Snake-Proof My Yard?

Believe it or not, there are tons of different snakes in Los Angeles, including harmless snakes such as garter snakes and rat snakes. However, the area is also home to venomous species such as rattlers, copperheads, and even pit vipers.

Are you worried about snakes living in your yard? Do you want to know what options you have in order to effectively snake-proof your yard before seeking professional snake removal services? If so, keep reading to learn how you can keep snakes at bay.

Remove Hiding Places

Snakes love to hide in tall grass, so one of the best defenses you have against these slithering creatures is to keep your grass cut to a reasonable length. Snakes don’t often travel across short grass because it makes them vulnerable to predators.

It’s also important to remove other places where snakes often hide. Bushes and shrubs are the ideal spots for snakes to hide, so keep those around your home trimmed, especially at the bottom. Ground plants are also the perfect place for snakes to hide.

Other hiding places to remove from your yard include:

  • Unused mulch piles
  • Stacks of large rocks
  • Firewood piles
  • Outdoor water sources (i.e., leaky spigots)

Use a DIY Snake Repellent

Have you seen snakes in your yard? If so, now is the perfect time to use a DIY snake repellent. Snakes love finding ways into your yard but, with the right concoction, you can keep them far away. All you need are ammonia, rags, and plastic bags.

Soak the rags in ammonia and then place them in unsealed plastic bags. Place the bags in areas where you normally see snakes. The smell of ammonia will keep them coming into your yard.

Hire Professional Snake Removal Services

If all else fails, your best bet is to contact a company that offers professional snake removal services. Animal Capture Wildlife Control offers rattlesnake removal, as well as the removal of other snake species. Unsure if there are snakes in your yard or in your home? We also offer snake inspections to ensure your home and your property are safe.

Our snake removal specialists are able to identify snake dens and even install preventative measures to keep snakes away from your yard. You can also trust us to identify and safely capture a variety of snake species so that they’re no longer a threat.

To learn more about our snake removal services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, call us at (310) 551-0901.