How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Home

a cute squirrel realizes it is being watched

Squirrels can easily find food and shelter in or near your home. An object as innocuous as a bird feeder can attract them—but here is how to get rid of squirrels using everyday items.

Squirrel Repellant

Available in spray form, repellant is often formulated with a common predator’s urine. A squirrel’s natural instinct is to stay away from such scents. Spray it around the edge of your yard to make it an uninviting squirrel habitat.

Your Dog

Most canines are adept at chasing squirrels away. If you don’t already have a dog, consider getting one or borrowing your neighbor’s. If all else fails, try spreading some dog, cat, or human hair around.

Hot Sauce

Squirrels don’t like anything spicy. Rub hot sauce on outdoor wood furniture to prevent them from chewing on it. Even sprinkle black pepper or cayenne pepper in the grass nearby. This is perhaps the most inexpensive squirrel problem fix.

Clean the Attic

One of the top squirrel facts is they don’t go somewhere unless there’s something to draw them there. The food you’re storing in the attic is a perfect example. Therefore, keep food out of there if you find squirrels in the attic.

Pick Up Those Nuts and Berries

Rake up those acorns and berries as they fall. This might mean a few frequent cleanups, but with less food lying around, fewer squirrels are likely to be drawn to your property.

Call Animal Capture Wildlife Control

If you have a squirrel problem, we can be there. We can put out a squirrel trap and humanely capture and release different types of squirrels into their natural habitat. Call us at 310-551-0901 for help.