It’s Tarantula Mating Season!

Posted on September 6, 2017 by Animal Capture

Tarantula Mating Season

September is here, and that means the summer is winding down. If you’re thinking about squeezing as much time outdoors as possible in the next few weeks, you’re not the only one. Expect a higher number of tarantulas out there for mating season.

Tarantulas are more likely to be spotted in the wilderness or on hiking trails. However, male tarantulas have been known to travel as far as four miles in search of a mate. That means they could potentially end up anywhere above the ground in Los Angeles. In fact, it seems like tarantulas are more ambitious this summer than in seasons past thanks to the rainy winter. Reports of tarantula sightings in residential areas are coming in across Southern California — including in one resident’s shoe.

While tarantulas might look terrifying, they do not fall in the dangerous spider category. On the other hand, they all are considered poisonous. It’s not the venom that you have to be worried about. The fangs are what end up causing the most damage. Bites from tarantulas can cause serious discomfort for up to several days, so it’s best to watch your step and be on the lookout for them. They do move slowly, so it’s possible to grab a photo from a distance if desired.

If you encounter a tarantula in the wild, the best bet is to just leave it be — and let him find his mate. However, if tarantulas start taking over your shoes, your kitchen or even your place of business, that’s when it’s time to consider wildlife removal in Los Angeles.