Skunkanator Removes Skunks From Home In Los Angeles, Skunk Removal In Los Angeles, Skunk Trapping In Los Angeles

Posted on March 21, 2011 by Animal Capture

The “Skunkanator” was called out to the Culver City area of Los Angeles for a skunk Removal. The skunks were getting in under the house and tearing up the insulation and stinking the house up really bad. The home owners daughter was sent home from school because she smelt like skunk. I set up five traps and the next day the traps were full of skunks. Five in total in one day. This is why they call me the “Skunkanator!” I specialize in skunk removal from under homes, sheds, and inside homes. I was also featured on the show “Dirty Jobs” on the discovery channel for removing skunks. Some would say I am immune to the smell, but I tell them…”to me, it’s the smell of money!” I tell people if you can’t see me coming, you can smell me coming! LOL! People ask me all the time “how do you get rid of the smell?” I use a product called “Skunk Off.” It works great! It was chemically made in a lab to eliminate the odor, not just cover it up! It is totally safe for humans, dogs, and anything else you need it for. I use it all the time! So if you have a skunk issue, you know who to call! I service most of Southern California from Los Angeles to Bakersfield. For more information on skunk removal in Los Angeles, skunk trapping in Los Angeles, skunk removal in Culver City, skunk trapping in Culver City, skunks living under home, skunks living under house, skunk spray, skunk odor, of skunk off, you can check out our website or contact Jeremy Bailey @ (310) 551-0901.

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