Raccoon Mother & Babies Removed from Laurel Canyon, Lookout Mountain Rd, Raccoon Removal In Hollywood Hills, Raccoon Removal in Los Angeles

Posted on September 4, 2010 by Animal Capture

Animal Capture Wildlife Control was called out to Lookout Mountain Rd and Laurel Canyon Rd to remove a raccoon family that was terrorizing a homeowner. He complained of a raccoon hanging out on his porch at night. When he came home at night the raccoon would not let him get up his stairs to get to his front door. He had to resort to throwing rocks at the raccoon so the raccoon would move. He finally would get into his house by running inside. I came out and set up three traps and the first night I caught three baby raccoons in one trap. I did not catch the mother raccoon. I then left the baby raccoons in the trap, gave them food and water and barricaded them. I put all kinds of wood and things around the trap and then put another trap along side the trap with the babies so the only way the mother could get to the babies was to go into the trap. The homeowner called me the next day and told me I caught the mother raccoon, but not in the trap next to the babies. I caught her in another trap not to far away. I then took the whole raccoon family and released the nest to a creek. I released them up a tree so they would all stay together. The homeowner was really happy he could finally walk into him home without a fight. For more information on raccoon removal in the Hollywood Hills, raccoon removal in Los Angeles, raccoon mother and babies, raccoons in the attic, raccoons under the home, raccoons tearing up the grass, raccoon roundworm, raccoon diseases, check out our website animalcapturewildlifecontrol.com or call us @ (310) 551-0901.

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