Black and White Skunk

What to Do About Skunks

No one likes the stink of skunk spray, but are skunks dangerous? How should skunk trapping and removal be done?

Are Skunks in Your Home?

Skunks like to crawl into small, dark spaces to make their dens—that could mean anywhere in your yard or under your house that could they crawl under. You might also find one wandering around your garage and (even though they’re not good climbers) in the attic!

Health Concerns

Skunks are known to carry rabies. You should be extra cautious of a skunk if you see:

  • Aggressive behavior with no provocation
  • Stiff limbs
  • Walking in circles or clumsy staggering

Prevention Methods to Keep Skunks Away

To prevent skunks, try these methods:


Fill in any small holes or spaces they might crawl into. Dismantle woodpiles in the yard and secure the crawl space under the house.

Mild Harassment

Wait until the skunk is away and pack the den loosely. This may be enough to encourage them to seek shelter elsewhere.

What to Do if You Encounter a Skunk

If you do happen upon a skunk in your yard or home:

  • Do not approach them.
  • Keep pets and children away.
  • Contact wildlife removal services for humane removal.

Professional Skunk Removal Services

Getting near a skunk always carries a risk of aggression and spraying. If you spot a skunk, our humane skunk inspection and removal service will do the trick. Contact us for skunk removal in Los Angeles today at (310) 551-0901.