One way exclusion tunnel and wire mesh installed to eliminate rodents in attic

What You Should Never Do When Pest-Proofing Your Home

Sealing your property for rodent control may not seem like a complicated process, but in order to accomplish your goal there are some important things that should be avoided when pest-proofing your home.

Never Leave Anything to Chance

Before you consider any pest-proofing job complete, ensure you’ve identified and sealed all points where rats and mice can enter.

Take the time to be diligent and check the exterior of your home for openings, cracks, and holes and make it a point to conduct regular inspections of your exterior, especially before fall and winter when pests are most likely to invade.

Be sure to include soffits, window and door frames, and vents on your inspection list. You’ll also want to check your interior vents and identify any gaps in building materials where pests can hide. Indoors, be sure to note any signs of rodent infestation, including droppings and urine, and scratching noises at night

Never Use Just Any Material

Torn window screen against black background, closeup

Certain materials may seem as though they’ll be sufficient for pest-proofing. Yet animals like rodents are smart and persistent. They mark entry points with their scent and will often make short work of sealing attempts using foam or soft plastics.

By choosing materials that are as strong as possible, such as metal sheeting and heavy-gauge wire screens, you’ll prevent rodents from chewing their way back into your home. Sealants like silicone can also be very difficult for rodents to chew through.

Never Ignore Species or Time of Year

Ignoring the season or species of pest you’re dealing with can render your pest-proofing efforts unsuccessful and maybe even end up costing you more than you expected.

Identify what species of rodent or other pest has invaded your property and obtain an understanding of their biology, including when and how they mate and how long it takes to wean their young.

Taking species and season into consideration will help you ensure that pests have vacated your home completely before you start your pest-proofing project. This will give you a far better chance of preventing rodent infestation.

Professional Help for Rodent Problems

The rat was in a cage catching a rat

Mice, raccoons, skunks, and other pests often choose human structures for breeding and survival. If you have a rodent problem or have discovered that another animal has invaded your home, a professional wildlife removal service can offer long-term solutions.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control specializes in the safe and humane removal of all manner of animal species, including rodents, snakes, possums, and mice.

In addition to our wildlife removal services, we also offer complete inspection, repair, or replacement of any pest barriers you may currently have installed on your property. We also conduct home and property inspections for entry points and signs of infestation. Visit us or call to learn more: (310) 551-0901.