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When to Call Animal Control vs Wildlife Removal

A certain percentage of people use the terms animal control and wildlife removal interchangeably. It’s essential to know that there is a difference between these two services.

It can be easy to conflate animal control and wildlife removal given that they are in-demand services within the public sphere.

You might be wondering why it’s essential to know the difference between animal control and wildlife removal. Understanding the difference between these two services will help you know the people to call when you run into an animal-related issue. Let’s examine how animal control and wildlife removal both play important roles in their communities.

When to Call Animal Control

Animal control organizations exist as local government services that protect animals against inhumane treatment and humans against dangerous animals. You’ll find that animal control usually deals with cats, dogs, and farm animals in public settings.


Rabies mitigation is a vital priority for animal control organizations nationwide. These local government-run groups will fight rabies through public education, low-cost vaccinations, and sick animal evaluations.

Aggressive Animals

While rabies cases are more rare—local animal control will frequently respond to more common neighborhood complaints like aggressive dogs. Worries of an overly aggressive dog will prompt an animal control agent to investigate whether or not the dog poses a threat to its surroundings.

Animal Abuse

There are unfortunately going to be times when an animal’s owner is the problem. Cases of pet neglect and abuse will warrant a visit from an animal control agent. The solution to this issue occurs when an animal control agent inspects a space for evidence of wrongdoing. Any signs of animal abuse or neglect can result in an owner facing charges.

Population Control

Population control is essential since overly high numbers of animals like cats and dogs will naturally lead to more strays. Animal control will advocate for spay and neutering services and even offer access to low-cost sterilization clinics.

In-Need Animals

Mistreated or stray animals often need shelter assistance to live a happier and healthier life. Animal control agencies can shelter domestic animals in need temporarily while helping the animals find a new owner. You can help animals in need by calling animal control if you spot a stray.

Animal licensing laws are essential state legislation created and enforced by animal control agencies. Access your state’s animal laws if you’re unsure whether or not you’re legally allowed to keep a certain type of pet.

Are you curious to learn more information on how this type of service varies from a wildlife removal service? You’ll find more information on these two group’s key differences below.

When to Call Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal is an excellent option when you have an animal problem outside of wildlife control’s services. A primary distinction between wildlife removal and wildlife control is that wildlife removal is not a government-funded group. A wildlife removal service will hold state licensing despite its lack of government affiliation. State licensing is one of the many ways that a wildlife removal service shows its professionalism. Other key indicators of a professional wildlife service include a special array of skills designed to deal with a wide variety of animals.

If you come into contact with a non-domestic animal and your contact is causing you issues—chances are you need the help of a wildlife removal service.

Do Wildlife Removal Services Handle Trapping?

Animal trapping and removal are one of a wildlife removal organization’s most in-demand services. It’s far more humane for a wildlife removal service to inspect your property, trap any animals, and relocate the traps instead of killing the animals.

I Might Have a Wild Animal Problem. What Now?

It’s natural to fear that you have a wild animal problem if you hear scratching or other suspicious sounds within your home’s attic or wall. A wildlife removal service can give you peace of mind by confirming if there is an actual problem before taking action.

A quality wildlife removal service will trap animals, remove the animals, sanitize affected home areas, and implement protective measures that reduce the likelihood of a future incident occurring.

There are times when one dead animal can negatively affect a property. You can hire a wildlife removal service to remove dead animals and inspect your property to verify that there isn’t a bigger infestation at hand.

Los Angeles Local Wildlife Removal

Are you a Los Angeles local with a wildlife problem on your property? Perhaps you’re in the clear, now, regarding Los Angeles property wildlife issues and wish to have a resource on hand if the need for assistance arises.

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  • Skunk removal
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  • Bat removal
  • Snake removal
  • Dead animal removal

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