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Encountering Wildlife Safely

Encountering wildlife is a potentially exciting part of everyday life. Whether you live in the city or country, there are always animals large and small. If you enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities, perhaps you hope to see wildlife on your next adventure. If you are an urban dweller, perhaps the baby raccoons that invaded your attic are the last thing you want to see. However, animal control in Los Angeles is the easiest way to cope with such problems.

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Why You Shouldn’t Handle a Skunk Yourself

If you have discovered a family of skunks living on your property, you may think you can handle them yourself. It may seem easy to remove a skunk by yourself, but if you have a family of them living on your property, it’s a good idea to leave the skunk removal to the professionals.

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Noises in the Attic? Find Out What The Commotion is All About

Squirrel on lawns

Do you hear noises such as thumping, scratching, scurrying and scampering in your attic? Chances are that some animals have taken residence in your attic. Attic spaces often present a dry and warm place where wildlife can find shelter. Animals can access the attic through the gaps that are common along the roof line. Engaging the services of animal control Van Nuys, Long Beach, and other surrounding Los Angeles cities will help you establish the best way to safely evacuate them. The following steps will help you establish whether your home is infested.

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How to Avoid Snakes in Your Yard

snake found in homeowner's backyard

Can there be anything creepier than an encounter with a snake in your yard — or worse, in your house?

There are numerous unsettling stories involving rattlesnakes, such as that of the old man whose index fingers were both bitten by a rattlesnake outside his home in San Diego, or the dog that required 20 stitches after a confrontation with a rattlesnake in Laguna Beach.

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Raccoons Can Be a Health Threat to Your Pets and Family

diseased raccoon hiding in bushes

Even though they are cute, furry, and very intelligent animals, raccoons can be a nuisance and can even be dangerous to your health. Apart from causing a mess by tipping things over, they are also likely to spread diseases. It is advisable to seek medical attention in case of raccoon bites, scratches or general contact. If there are any raccoons in your residence, seek a professional raccoon removal service.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Los Angeles Animal Control

opossum walking on wood fence

Proper animal control offers a sense of safety. With animals around, families are at risk of contracting diseases. In case a wild animal invades your home, you do not have to harm them or damage your home. Trained animal control professionals help to get rid of wild, dangerous, or lost animals and prevent them from coming back in the future. If you are considering Los Angeles animal control services, keep the following in mind:

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What Attracts Squirrels to Your House

Attracts Squirrels

For many years, homeowners in Los Angeles discover they are sharing their home with squirrels. They also unravel that the animals have been there for quite some time. If you are wondering what attracts squirrels to your house, how to remove them and why you should prevent them, you are at the right place.

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