Snakes in Southern California

Snakes in Southern California

If a snake is in your home, you should know one thing: Do not move it. Doing so would be an unnecessary risk. Snake removal should be handled by animal control experts. San Diego Gopher Snakes, California King Snakes, California Lyresnakes, Coast Mountain Kingsnakes, Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes — these are some of the snakes you might find in Southern California. Two of these snakes are venomous, whereas three are not. Do you know which ones are harmful to humans?

Let us start with the San Diego Gopher Snake. This reptile is not venomous and has a brownish color with dark markings. The San Diego Gopher Snake can grow to around 4 to 5 feet long. It eats small mammals and birds.

The California King Snake sounds intimidating. After all, this snake eats other snakes. However, this reptile is not venomous. The California King Snake is black or brownish and has light bands that circle its body.

Some snakes are venomous but are not dangerous to humans. The California Lyresnake is an example of this type of snake. This reptile is gray and brown and has a light crossbar throughout the middle of its body.

In nature, red is a color that symbolizes danger. The Coast Mountain Kingsnake has red, black and white bands throughout its body. However, this reptile is not dangerous to humans.

There are also snakes that are dangerous to any living thing. The Southern Pacific Rattlesnake is venomous and very dangerous to humans. Do you know what it looks like? Knowing this could be the difference between life and death. The Southern Pacific Rattlesnake is olive in color, heavy-bodied and grows to just over 3 feet long. Stay away from these snakes.

If uncertain, you should avoid all of these snakes. For wild snake removal services call us at 310.551.0901.