Bobcat Removal Tips

Bobcat in Backyard

A bobcat is a medium-sized wild cat — weighing between 15-40 pounds — that’s becoming increasingly common in the United States. Bobcats are naturally shy animals, which is why sightings are rare in urban areas. Unless rabid, bobcats are highly unlikely to attack a human, but they are attracted to food sources, including small domestic animals, rodents, wild bird scraps and pet food.

Bobcats are quite distinct, yet many people tend to confuse them with domestic cats or mountain lions. Although cases of bobcats attacking humans aren’t common, bobcats can be a real nuisance and need to be controlled. Additionally, these wild animals are consummate predators, and when deprived of natural prey, they can turn to pets and livestock for food.

What to Do If There Is a Bobcat on Your Compound

A rabid bobcat can be a serious threat to humans. An encounter with a bobcat can also leave a child frightened. However, bobcats are nervous around humans and are pretty easy to scare away. If you see a bobcat on your compound:

  • Ensure that your livestock are in their secure enclosures.
  • Make sure that gates are open to let the bobcat get out of the compound.
  • Take your pets inside to keep them out of trouble.

Get rid of the food sources that attract bobcats, and use animal deterrents to get rid of them. You can also shout, bang metals or use a car horn to scare a bobcat away. Alternatively, shoot the animal with water, or better still, call a bobcat removal services company to remove the bobcat from your compound safely.

Sick or rabid bobcats can attack humans, so be careful. Maintain a safe distance between you and the animal, and don’t run away as that might trigger a pursuit response. You can never be too safe, so it’s always wise to call Animal Capture Wildlife Control for assistance if there’s a bobcat on your compound. We offer wild animal removal services in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding areas.