4 Ways to Help Displaced Animals During Wildfire Season

Firefighting helicopter with bucket drop water on forest fire

Animals may be injured or killed by wildfires. It’s not uncommon to find displaced wildlife (and displaced pets) with signs of malnourishment and dehydration. Never deal with injured, ill, or dead animals on your own. A Los Angeles County animal control specialist should handle the situation.

North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG)

Teams of rescuers have provided animals with food, water, and safety. The NVADG has also established a website in partnership with other organizations. It has images of dogs, cats, farm animals, and exotic pets to help owners reunite with them after displacement by recent Northern California wildfires.

Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control

In 2018, the county’s Animal Care and Control organization sheltered hundreds of animals following the Woolsey and Hill fires. This included hundreds of horses. The facility cares for a wide range of animals, including rabbits, birds, and reptiles.

City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services

If you’re interested in fostering a shelter pet, LA Animal Services can connect you with one until it is adopted. Its website features a Lost and Found section where you can report a lost or found pet. The organization also offers a range of other services, from spaying and neutering to microchipping.

Call a Professional for Dead Animal Removal

If you find a dead animal, it could be diseased or carry fleas, ticks, or flies. A deceased animal can also leave a foul odor. A wildlife expert like Animal Capture Wildlife Control can help by finding and safely removing the animal while decontaminating any living quarters affected. If you need animal control in Los Angeles County, call us today at 310-551-0901.