bat hanging upside down on the tree

5 Surprising Facts About Bats

Bats are not the most popular creatures in the world. It’s no surprise, as they spend a lot of time making pests of themselves in the attic. Check out these bat facts to learn more about them.

Bats Are Mammals

Like us, bats are mammals. “Mammal” is just another word for a warm-blooded vertebrate. Did you know that bats are the only mammals among us that can fly? Flying squirrels are only able to glide from tree to tree.

Not All Bats “See” with Echolocation

Some smaller species of bat use echolocation (reverberating sound waves) to orient themselves. In reality, lots of bats use sight to navigate and locate food sources.

There Are 1,400 Species of Bats

Except for very extreme hot or cold climates, bat inspections are a service you can find in nearly every part of the world because there are so many different species all around the globe.

Bat Droppings Can Be Used as Gunpowder

Bat droppings (“guano”) contain a compound called potassium nitrate, which can be extracted from bat droppings for gun powder! In fact, they were used extensively for this function during the American Civil War.

Bats Have Unusual Roosting Habits

Bats roost upside down using their clenched feet. They like small spaces and crevices, which is why so many of us need bat removal from the attic!

If these bat facts are not warming you up to the idea of hosting these little critters in your attic, call us today at (310) 551-0901 for your regular bat inspection.