skunk trapped cage

How to Keep Skunks Away

Skunks are notorious for their odor and are known to carry rabies. They rarely interact with humans, but they can dig holes in your yard, burrow under homes, and forage through garbage cans. Although food and shelter attract them to homes, here are ways you can avoid a skunk problem:

Eliminate Access to Food

Don’t leave food outside and do keep lids on trash cans. Tie up any bags that contain food waste. Skunks will eat just about anything, so they don’t mind your leftovers at all. Also, keep pet food inside.

Get Rid of Bugs, Rodents, and Other Pests

Insects and their larvae, small rodents, bird eggs, and more provide a source of food on your property. By dealing with your pest problem, you can reduce the chances skunks will find their way into your yard.

Scare Tactics

Motion-detecting lights, alarms, and even sprinklers will easily startle skunks that forage under the cover of darkness. A burst of light will spook them away.

Remove Hiding Spots

If a rabbit, mole, or fox has left behind a nest, it provides a perfect place for a skunk to set up shop. Seal up these openings or those you find in your home’s foundation. A well-placed wire mesh or piece of sheet metal can keep skunks away.

Bad Smells

Dog, coyote, or other predator urine is a good skunk repellent, as is ammonia, although it is not as effective as the first option.

Call an Animal Removal Professional

If you need to get rid of skunks, the wildlife removal specialists at Animal Capture Wildlife Control employ effective and humane trapping techniques to mitigate your problem. Call 310-551-0901 today to schedule service.