Black Bat Flying Fox

Are Bats Dangerous?

There are hundreds of bat species and they populate almost the entire globe. It’s not unusual to find them tucked away in the attic of many California homes, but are bats dangerous? Or merely a nuisance?

Are Bats Dangerous to Humans?

Most bats that are handled will try to bite, but the bite itself is not likely to cause a ton of damage. It’s the diseases that may be spread to humans by that bite that are cause for concern.


Rabies is a fatal disease for animals and humans. It is found in 5% of bats that are tested.


Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus that grows in bat droppings. Although very rarely fatal, it is a lung disease that can cause prolonged flu-like symptoms. Humans can catch it by inhaling spores when disturbing a roost.

Are Bats Dangerous to Pets?

Bats may bite pets if disturbed by them and can cause rabies and other diseases. It is essential to keep dogs, cats, and other pets away from potential bat-roosting spots.

What to Do to Prevent Bats in Your Home: Are Repellents Necessary?

Sealing entry points is usually enough, so keeping bats out of your home can be as simple as ensuring window screens are correctly fitted.

How to Remove Bats from Your Home

If you suspect bats may be roosting in your home, it is not recommended to attempt bat trapping yourself. Call professional bat removal services to take care of it for you.

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