deer crossing the forest road

Everything You Want to Know About Roadkill but Were Too Afraid to Ask

It’s a pretty common experience to have to remove dead animals from the attic or have a dead animal inspection performed under your house—but did you know that in the United States it’s estimated that one million animals are killed in vehicle collisions on a daily basis?

What Is Roadkill?

Roadkill is any type of animal that is killed on a road or highway after being struck by a vehicle. However, some animals are more prone to becoming roadkill than others.

Where Animals Are Most at Risk

The types of animals affected range from large animals such as deer, elk, and bears to smaller animals such as tortoises, foxes, snakes, and birds.

While exact figures are difficult to nail down, it’s estimated that the top three animals most affected by roadkill in the United States are squirrels, cats, and rats.

Problems Caused by Roadkill

Roadkill causes a lot of problems for both the environment and the people using roads and highways:

  • Human deaths: Vehicle collisions with animals result in 200 human deaths every year.
  • Insurance claims: There are 253,000 animal-vehicle collisions recorded annually.
  • Sanitation: Rotting roadkill results in health concerns for both humans and domestic pets.
  • Further accidents: Roadkill presents a risk to other motorists for further collisions.

Dead Animal Removal Services

Dead animal removal can present certain hazards and health risks. If you are aware of any roadkill that needs to be removed, it’s important that you contact a professional. Check out our website for more information on dead animal removal or call 310-551-0901 today!