Are Raccoons Dangerous/Aggressive?

When people consider calling a raccoon removal service, it’s usually because they’ve seen one of these animals around the property. Raccoons can upend trash bins, raid pet food dishes, and even break into homes. If you see a raccoon, you may be wondering if you have a simple annoyance or a big problem on your hands.

So are these wild animals aggressive and dangerous? Maybe. Read on to learn more:

Are raccoons aggressive?

Not typically, but there are exceptions. For instance, a cornered and threatened raccoon will probably fight back. A mother raccoon protecting her young may also behave aggressively. Finally, raccoons may lash out to scare household pets away from a food source.

Can raccoons harm or kill?

Raccoons are omnivores. This means that they have sharp teeth capable of tearing flesh. These wild animals also have sturdy claws. So yes, they are capable of causing wounds. If these wounds develop untreated infections, the person or pet could potentially die. Furthermore, small or weak pets might be killed if they get into a conflict. However, serious attacks are quite rare.

Do raccoons carry disease?

Some raccoons have lice or ticks, which if dropped on the property could transmit disease to the next person they bite. In rare cases, raccoons carry rabies. If you see an animal acting strangely, keep a healthy distance! This is another reason to let the pros handle your raccoon problem.

Need raccoon removal near you? Call Animal Capture Wildlife Control

The longer raccoons are hanging around your property, the more likely you’ll get into conflict with them. Protect yourself and your pets by calling Animal Capture Wildlife Control. We use humane traps to capture and safely relocate these animals. If you think you have a raccoon problem, contact us today.