What to Do If You Encounter a Raccoon

Raccoons are charming, intelligent, and love to live in temperate climates in a range of habitats such as marshlands, forests, and near farms and urban areas. While raccoons are among the most amiable of nature’s creatures, they are wild, cunning, and can be dangerous if provoked.

Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

These animals will not attack if they do not have to. Still, rabid or frightened raccoons should never be confronted except by expert animal control raccoon professionals. Raccoons are a distant cousin to bears, and like bears, they can be especially fierce if they believe their young are threatened.

If you meet a raccoon, do not approach the animal. If the animal is sick, injured, or is standing between you and its young — it may attack.

What to Do If You Encounter a Raccoon

Back away from the animal in a calm and decisive manner. If the animal is not hurt or afraid, it will not attack you. However, it can be difficult to tell if a raccoon is rabid — and rabid raccoons can be extremely aggressive.

If you meet a raccoon that appears aggressive, back away from the animal quickly. Do everything you can to get away from the animal and avoid contact. If the raccoon pursues you, use any outer clothing you may have like a jacket or backpack to cover your arms, neck, face, and head. These kinds of encounters are rare, but you should be prepared if you believe you may meet a raccoon. Having a sturdy jacket and pepper spray is probably the best way to fend off an attack from a rabid raccoon.

Contact the Raccoon Control Professionals

If you encounter a raccoon in an area where they do not belong, contact animal control or a raccoon removal service. Avoid the animal and advise others of its presence. Contact the professionals at Animal Capture Wildlife Control for help and information.