Did You Know Opossoms Aren’t Really Dangerous?

Many people have a morbid fear of opossums. They are petrified by the thought of being attacked by these rodent-like creatures. After all, the creature comes loaded with 50 very sharp teeth capable of ripping flesh apart in seconds.

This animal avoids confrontations at all costs and mostly prefers to remain calm and out of sight from humans. The possum California also confers many benefits to our ecosystems. Here’s a post to allay those dumbfounded misconceptions about these easily scared rodents and how one goes about securing the right possum removal professionals.

 Playing Dead

The Pasadena opossum has a peculiar trait that distinguishes it from many creatures. The animal is capable of pretending to be dead if it senses an imminent attack. Playing dead confuses its predators, who abandon their intended prey upon thinking it’s dead. A few minutes later, the seemingly dead animal slumps out of its deeply induced paralytic state.

 Calm and Docile

It is only in dire situations that opossums have been known to attack their fellow animals. They rarely attack humans unless they are fighting back to save their lives. Cats and dogs are the top mortal enemies the opossum has, especially in urban spaces. When threatened by cats and dogs, these marsupials enlarge their bodies while producing loud, sharp noises to intimidate their enemies.


The list of benefits arising from having opossums around goes on and on. Raccoon opossums are excellent for pest control in your gardens and homes. Their diet comprises snails, beetles and small rodents that are a nuisance in our lives. The marsupials help clean the environment by consuming dead animals.

 Finding Animal Control Help

Do you require urgent possum removal services? Get the right animal control experts to help you humanly deal with the issues. We will prescribe the best possum removal strategy for your home. We also will decide whether to use possum removal traps or to poison the animals.