Tips on Opossum Control

Opossums may not be the most destructive of animals, but they can still make a mess if they enter your home. This is why you want to control them and remove them if necessary.

Remove Items That Attract Them: Opossums will enter your yard in search of shelter and food and they are resourceful, so they will eat whatever they can and make do with any shelter. In order to avoid this, remove items that attract them, including any fallen fruit from trees in the yard and birdseed. Avoid keeping food outside for your pets and secure any trash with animal-proof containers.

Limit Accessibility: In order to avoid damage, it’s important that opossums don’t get into the house. If they get into the attic, they can excrete waste and destroy insulation. Trim branches that are within 10 feet of the roof, since opossums are great at climbing trees. Close off entryways to garages, sheds and basements. Fix any broken vents or screens so opossums can’t enter the home.

Identify Damaged Areas: If you do have opossums causing issues in your home, you will have to select the right control method. Some of their destructive habits include nesting in your attic, living underneath the porch or house, and raiding poultry houses and barns.

Choose the Right Possum Removal: The best way to get a racoon opossum out of the home is to manually remove it with a live opossum trap. Opossums are nocturnal, so it’s important to set the trap at night. It is best to do this during fall to early winter, before breeding season begins. Opossums can give birth two or three times per year and can have an average of four to eight in each litter, so it’s necessary to start opossum control as soon as damage begins to prevent an infestation. A professional can safely remove the animal and help minimize any damage in doing so.