Do Bird Feeders Attract Raccoons?

Raccoons are very cute creatures that make many people’s hearts melt – until a live encounter occurs. That’s when people realize a potential need for raccoon control. Raccoons are highly pervasive, intelligent and very, very temperamental. They get around very well in wooded areas, explore at night and love to find free meals. That makes them particularly troublesome around garbage cans and bird feeders.

Raccoons love free meals, and bird feeders and trash cans are very accessible sources. Bird feeders are particularly great finds for raccoons, who use their powerful claws to climb trees and wooden poles to access a bird feeder with a free meal inside. That makes your bird feeder a great source of food for raccoons, and you might find you have a bigger problem than broken bird feeders.

Raccoons look adorable, particularly when young. Yet they are highly susceptible to rabies and other diseases. They have very sharp teeth and claws and can do a great deal of damage to soft tissue. If a raccoon bites you, the potential for contracting rabies is great enough to necessitate painful shot treatments as preventive medicine.

You can avoid those painful shots if a raccoon control service can get it instead of it getting you. A raccoon exterminator can trap or otherwise remove a troublesome raccoon, opossum or other wild pest that refuses to leave. That also makes it possible to capture and test a raccoon that bites someone to ensure it is not rabid.