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Animal Capture Wildlife Control is your go-to option for a dependable raccoon removal service in Los Angeles.

You might be wondering how Animal Capture Wildlife Control differs from your average Los Angeles raccoon removal service.

Animal Capture Wildlife catches raccoons through a humane approach that’s based on years of professional experience. We solve the majority of our customers' raccoon problems through cage trapping that’s followed by ethical removal.

Common Los Angeles raccoon issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Attic infestations
  • Raccoons living underneath a home
  • Female raccoons nesting on a property
  • Property damage
  • Garden destruction

Property owners are often surprised when they spot raccoons inside, underneath, or around their homes. Raccoons look for compromised home areas that can act as easy entry holes. Improper sealing is a common culprit that creates opportunities for raccoons to gain home access.

There are plenty of instances where raccoons cause damage that creates access points. Some raccoons will rip out a vent underneath a floor to live in the hollow area underneath a bathtub.

When you have a raccoon problem—we have a safe and straightforward solution.


Raccoon Prevention Tips

There are plenty of reliable strategies that you can implement to eliminate your chances of experiencing a Los Angeles raccoon infestation. Let’s begin with the most simple raccoon prevention approaches.

Mysteriously disappearing pet food can be a red flag indicating raccoon presence. Moving any animal food inside will make your property less attractive to these unwanted wildlife visitors. This same idea applies to your garbage. Left-out trash will always act as a magnet for raccoons.

Sealing off possible entry points is your best bet when it comes to protecting yourself from future raccoon infestations. Animal Capture Wildlife Control can evaluate your property to determine if you need any sealing solutions to get rid of raccoons.


What to Know About California Raccoons

California Raccoon Trapping Los Angeles

Raccoons are common within California. These wildlife animals weigh 12-35 pounds on average and grow up to 20-40 inches in length. Mating season for raccoons usually takes place during February and March, with a 63-day gestation period. Raccoon’s adaptability partially manifests itself in their ability to eat a wide range of foods.

Many people underestimate the number of raccoons hanging around. This is mainly because raccoons are most active at night. Raccoons can affect urban and rural areas at an equal negative rate.

Building damage and trash container damage from raccoons are common in urban areas. Rural regions tend to suffer crop and poultry house damage from raccoons.


Raccoon FAQ

Check out our FAQ relating to raccoon removal in Los Angeles for more information on how to effectively protect your property.


Do Raccoons Carry Diseases?

Raccoons are known to carry several diseases. This fact continues to reflect how you’ll benefit from a professional Los Angeles raccoon catcher service. Animal Capture Wildlife Control safely captures and releases raccoons to eliminate your chances of transmitting an infectious disease.

Below are a handful of diseases that raccoons are known to carry:

  • Rabies
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Encephalitis
  • Raccoon roundworms
  • Tuberculosis
  • Disease-ridden ticks, lice, fleas

Protect your health with the help of Animal Capture Wildlife Control’s Los Angeles raccoon removal service.


What Do I Need to Know About California’s Raccoon Laws?

California classifies raccoons as furbearers as well as an unendangered species. Raccoon fur harvest regulations are set by the California Department of Fish & Game.

California state law prohibits citizens from keeping wildlife animals like raccoons as pets. Authorized wildlife rehabilitators are the only parties authorized to keep raccoons that are orphaned or injured. This legal ownership is only sanctioned for a limited amount of time.


What Do I Do About Raccoons in the Attic?

California Raccoon removal Los Angeles

There’s no need to panic if you discover raccoons living in your attic. While raccoons aren’t especially aggressive—it’s best to hire a professional for raccoon in attic removal. Raccoons shouldn’t be provoked, especially when they’re nesting and taking care of babies.

These wild animals might seem aggressive from a distance during a confrontation. This defensive raccoon body language is mostly for show, but you still shouldn’t approach the animal. 

One phone call to Animal Capture Wildlife Control at 310-551-0901, and you’ll solve your attic’s raccoon problem.

Are you having any other raccoon issues that’d you like assistance with? Contact Animal Capture Wildlife Control today for your consultation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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