The rat was poisoned to death

Don’t Use Rat Poison in Your Home for These 3 Reasons

Rat infestations are a very common problem that can quickly get out of control without intervention. If you or someone you know has a rat problem, rat poison may seem like the fastest and simplest way to get rid of them, but there are 3 very important reasons to avoid rat poison dangers.

1. It Harms Humans and Pets

Although it may be labeled for use against rodents, rat poison is just that: poison. That means it can also poison the humans in your home. Children are attracted to bright colors, and some brands of rat poison pellets can look interesting and even edible to the little ones in a household.

Your pets can also become the unintended victims of poisoning. Because rat pellets have to be distributed on the ground where rats travel, they are easily seen and consumed by any pets who may also be walking by.

2. It Harms the Food Web and the Environment

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The food web consists of all of the predators and the prey they consume. Rats are common prey for several predators, including coyotes, foxes, eagles, and hawks. Rat poison is a persistent chemical; it isn’t flushed out of the body. Rather, a predator that ingests a poisoned and dying rat will also become poisoned.

Another unfortunate characteristic of rat poison is that it is an anticoagulant. When blood is unable to clot, internal hemorrhaging can occur in affected animals, causing a host of horrible physical and mental problems and great suffering for predators.

Rat poison itself is a significant environmental threat because it can remain in soil and water, killing predators and polluting for years to come.

3. It’s Not an Effective or Humane Solution

Rat poison may be advertised as a convenient means of getting rid of rats. However, it doesn’t work on all the individuals in your home unless every rat eats it. As well, poisoned and dying rats that may be in your home now will not stop more individuals from returning in the future.

Finally, rat poison is anything but humane. Whether your pet, the rat, or one of its predators are poisoned, they can experience days of terrible pain and suffering before they finally die. This is completely unnecessary, as there is a much more professional, fast, and humane way to remove these pests from your home.

Safe, Professional, and Humane Rat Removal in Los Angeles

Rats that enter your home can create a serious infestation. Not only do they spread disease, but rats also carry fleas, which can become another issue when they affect your home and your pets.

Animal Capture Wildlife Control specializes in the removal of rats, opossums, skunks, and other pests from residential and commercial locations. Our over 20 years of experience with the removal of unwanted animals, along with our live trapping and inspection services, eliminate the need for poison and dying rats.

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