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Where Winter Pests Hide in Your Home

Although it may seem like pests disappear during winter, the unfortunate reality is that they could be living in your home right now. When you know where pests like to hide, you can ensure they don’t return.

What Kinds of Environments Do Pests Prefer?

The answer to this question really depends on the pest itself. Here are some of the more common species that typically choose to spend this time of year in your home.

Cockroaches prefer to make their homes as close to food and water as possible. They are nocturnal and prefer dark places like food cupboards and behind your refrigerator. Be sure you:

  • Inspect your home for pepper-like spots, which are cockroach feces.
  • Note any unusual damage to food sources and books.
  • Call a professional to remove them from your home.

Deer mice do not hibernate, so where do these mice go in the winter? They love quiet and dark places like basements and will chew anything they can get their teeth on, including drywall, food, and wires. That being said, you’ll want to:

  • Check your home for droppings and mouse activity like holes and chew marks.
  • Clean the places mice live, like your attic or basement, ensuring that as many items as possible are off the floor.
  • Inspect the outside of your home for holes and cracks and ensure these entry points are sealed with steel wool and caulking.

Raccoons love quiet places like attics and chimneys and can enter your home through the chimney, loose shingles, and broken vents. They can also make a lot of noise when raiding trash cans for food. You can rid your home of raccoons:

  • Have a radio playing in the spaces they sleep in (raccoons hate noise).
  • Ensure all trash cans are inaccessible to
  • Repair broken vents and loose shingles.
  • Cover or cap your chimney.

A rat lurks by a fence.

Rats also prefer dark and quiet places, and have been known to chew through solid lead to find food. Seal any exterior openings, and:

  • Check for gnawed baseboards and other wood.
  • Inspect your home for droppings (which are much larger than those of mice).
  • Note unexplained greasy marks along a particular path (from their fur).
  • Ensure your basement and any crawl spaces are completely free of moisture.

Get Expert Help for Cold Weather Pest Problems

Pests that move into your home for the winter can do a lot of damage and put your health at risk. Animal Capture Wildlife Control has over 20 years of experience with pests of all kinds. From bats to opossums, we can help ensure that winter pest problems are a problem no more.

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