How Halloween Gave Bats a Bad Reputation

bat on tree

Halloween is just around the corner and, for many people, that means trick-or-treating, pumpkins, ghouls, goblins, and bats. Bats are a part of the “spooky” side of Halloween and while your favorite Halloween store might have bat decor dangling from the ceiling, they often get a bad reputation that they don’t really deserve. In fact, bats are harmless and very beneficial for the environment!

Bats and Halloween History

While we don’t have a concrete answer as to when or why bats have seemingly forever been linked to Halloween, there are some theories. One of the most popular comes from the Celts, who used to light large bonfires each year on October 31st in the hopes of reconnecting with spirits of loved ones they lost.

These large fires would attract insects and, of course, the insects would attract bats. Since bats swoop around to catch their prey, the images of these dark flying creatures in the night terrified the Celts, linking our winged friends together with all things scary and spooky.

Since then, bats have been depicted as creepy Halloween staples, from the 17th-century discovery of the vampire bat to Hollywood “fame” in movies like Dracula. The thought of encountering these dark and freaky flying creatures has provoked terror and panic in the minds of many for years.

Why Are Bats Beneficial?

In reality, bats aren’t that scary at all. They are nocturnal hunters who can eat up to 1,000 insects (particularly mosquitos and/or moths) every single night! Some types of bats are even helpful plant pollinators. As a matter of fact, farmers love bats due to their substantial economic and ecological impact on agriculture. Thanks to a bat’s love for gobbling up insects, farmers can use fewer pesticides on their crops which allows them to save a great deal of money.

Unfortunately, because bats have a bad reputation, many homeowners try to eradicate these little creatures themselves. Bats are a protected species, and while no one wants an unwanted visitor in their home, it’s illegal to capture them if they’re not causing property damage. There are safe ways to remove bats in the attic, chimney, or anyplace they might be hiding that doesn’t chance the potential risk of harming them.

The best way to safely remove a bat from your home is to contact Animal Capture Wildlife Control. We provide safe and effective bat removal services to homes and businesses throughout the city of Los Angeles and other surrounding communities. Our animal control experts guarantee customer satisfaction while ensuring a complete and safe departure for our little flying friends.

If you have a bat in your house, don’t be scared! It wants to get back out into the world, too. Contact our Los Angeles animal control professionals at Animal Capture Wildlife Control to get the job done.