How to Know if That Racoon Has Rabies

wild raccoon climbing tree trunk

Movies and TV shows have taught us to look for animals with foaming mouths to identify those with rabies. However, this isn’t the only symptom to look for. There are many subtler signs. Seeing a raccoon during the day isn’t usually a cause for concern. They’re sometimes out and about looking for food or finding shelter. Signs you may need animal control in Los Angeles for a rabid raccoon include:

  • Noise: Raccoons are generally noisy, especially while fighting or mating, but they are typically quiet when foraging. The types of sounds to be concerned about are repetitive and high-pitched ones.
  • Aggression: A rabid animal may act aggressively toward a person for no reason or even chase someone, which is extremely rare for a raccoon. It may also seem more docile than it should.
  • How They Walk: An infected raccoon might have a staggering gait, walk in circles, wander, or look confused. Rabies can cause leg paralysis, making the animal walk slowly or act disoriented.

Other signs of an infected raccoon and reasons to call a local animal and wildlife control service include:

  • The animal does not respond to noise or movement near it.
  • Fluid discharge from the eyes or mouth.
  • A sickly look, including wet or matted hair on the face.

Is It Rabies or Distemper?

funny portrait of an racoon
Raccoons are prone to acquiring canine distemper, which is present in the environment. A disease spread by direct contact with infected droppings or body fluids, distemper has similar symptoms to rabies, including discharge from the nose and eyes, confusion, and abnormal behavior. The disease is usually fatal for infected animals.

Distemper can affect unvaccinated dogs, while infected raccoons can become aggressive if approached. Humans are not immune to the disease. Unlike rabies, the chances of survival are high, and treatment is usually quick and successful, especially if you’ve been vaccinated against measles.

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