Opossums Have a Bad Rap: Give them a Break!

Isn’t it time people started viewing opossums differently? Honestly speaking, very few other creatures of the animal planet have a bad cred like opossums. The almost intrinsic hatred people have for these animals must have something to do with their beady eyes and their rat-like tails. These creatures aren’t as diabolical as many paint them to be. Read on and get vital insights on why you need to collaborate with El Monte animal control experts when faced with an opossum problem.

Folks in El Monte must also despise the fact that if the populations of these marsupials go unchecked, the animals become problematic to withstand. Here’s a case to why you should reconsider your hatred stance on this intriguing species.

baby opossum in grass

Fifth Limb

When you see an opossum’s tail, try to view it as an extension of their limbs. Without their elongated bushy tails, the young ones of these creatures might not make it to their adulthood. Why so? Well, the opossum’s tail is used to ascend trees and for ferrying grass to build their homes. The tail also acts as a pouch for storing the nuts and other vegetables the furry creature gathers for the sake of feeding its young.

Here’s a set of interesting but little-known secrets about this marsupial: The females in this particular species have both male and female reproductive organs. What’s more, the female’s gestation period is just 12 days!

Snake Eaters

If you have opossums living in your garden, you’ll never again have to worry about there being deadly snakes around. Opossums feed on many species of snakes. It will also interest you to know that opossums have one of the most intriguing immune systems in the entire marsupial planet. These species comfortably handle bites from venomous creatures such as scorpions and rattlesnakes.

Very Intelligent

Over time, these creatures have honed their hunting and survival skills, and they are today one of the shrewdest marsupials of them all. Yes, the opossum’s brain is quite diminutive in size, but you’ll be surprised at its intelligence in finding food, shelter and even in evading the traps set by the opossum removal pros. Opossums also feed on ticks, and this makes them a vital tool in the fight to eradicate all ticks within our homes, according to trusted El Monte animal control experts.

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