Raccoon Removal in Southern California

Raccoon behind LA fence

Raccoons can be one of the trickiest pests to remove. Yet they are also common all over North America, meaning that they consistently cause problems in homes in California as well as in every other state. They are fairly intelligent, know how to climb, can recognize traps, and they often want to nest in someone’s attic to have babies. Gardens, rooftops and underground plumbing are also areas that can be devastated by raccoons once the animals decide to visit regularly or reproduce nearby.

Because of this unique set of problems, raccoon removal requires expert skill and professional knowledge. The process for removing raccoons usually requires setting animal traps that are baited with certain items. Various tactics work particularly well to attract raccoons. Raccoons are also nocturnal, so the traps need to be left out overnight and checked every morning. It is also best to catch them sooner rather than later, as they will learn to avoid an area that they recognize as a trap or escape from traps that are not properly secured. Many homes often need to be sealed in certain areas as well. This gradual exclusion process is done by professional animal control companies to make sure an area is free from any animals that are going inside, and then it can be permanently secured to prevent pests from ever returning.

For help from a raccoon removal service or assistance with any other wildlife control issues in the Southern California area, contact Animal Capture Wildlife Control. We have been in business for over 20 years and have a state trapping license that allows us to provide professional animal control services.