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What Is the Meaning of a Snake in Your House?

Depending on where you live, human/snake encounters can be quite common. However, meeting one in your house is not at all pleasant—making snake removal an emergency. What does it mean when a snake gets inside your house?

Why Do Snakes Enter Homes? 4 Common Reasons

So, why do snakes find themselves in your home? Here are four common reasons:

1.   Accidental

Most times, snakes don’t purposely enter homes. It’s usually by accident that they wander in. At times, it’s simply because they got lost while, at other times, they enter as they pursue their prey.

2.   Flooding

In places prone to flooding, high water levels can carry snakes into houses, leaving them trapped there.

3.   Purposely

At times a snake can enter your home purposely. This is usually when the weather makes their nest unbearable or when their habitat has been overtaken by developments.

4.   Searching for Prey

One of the most common reasons snakes enter houses is that they’ll be following their prey. If you have mice, rats, or other small rodents around or in your house, snakes will become a regular occurrence in your home.

Ways to Handle a Snake Encounter

Want to know how to remove a snake from your home? Here are two main ways you can do so:

1.   Snake Trap

An easy way to get rid of a snake in your house is to trap it. There are three main types of traps you can deploy to catch a snake:

  • Glue trap. This can be made simply by putting an adhesive on a piece of cardboard to trap the snake in place. A bit of vegetable oil will help in releasing the snake. Glue traps, however, are considered inhumane.
  • Minnow trap. Used mainly for fish, this is another brilliant trap you can use to get rid of snakes from your home.
  • Maze trap. You can easily make a maze using heavy cardboard. Make sure it’s narrow enough to let the snake in but not out.

2. Hire a Professional

Snake handling is a dangerous affair. That’s why the best way to get rid of snakes from your home is to get a professional to do it.

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