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Snakes are prevalent in Los Angeles County, and as humans continue to encroach on their natural environment, snake encounters with humans are becoming more and more common. Animal Capture Wildlife Control specializes in pest control via the professional capture and release of common rattlesnake species.

Snake Safety Tips

Rattlesnakes are just one of 14 species of snakes found in the Santa Monica Mountains. The southern Pacific rattlesnake is highly venomous. The night snake has a milder venom in its saliva. The gopher snake, California kingsnake, two-striped garter snake, patch-nosed snake, blind snake, ringneck snake, yellow-bellied racer, and mountain kingsnake are non-venomous but can still pack a serious bite that ruins a perfect summer day.

Many snakes provide a warning before an attack. However, this isn’t always the case. When snakes strike, they do so fast. For example, a rattlesnake can bite in 1/25 of a second. That's faster than you can blink your eyes. They can also reach up to half their body length, so even if it seems you are a safe distance away, think again.

You can protect yourself from a rattlesnake encounter by:

  • Checking for reports of snake activity
  • Staying on well-traveled trails
  • Avoiding tall grass, weeds, and other hiding spots
  • Avoiding wandering around in the dark
  • Stepping onto rocks/fallen trees rather than over them
  • Not placing your hands where you can’t see
  • Wearing long, loose pants and high-top boots

During a rattlesnake encounter:

  • Stop moving
  • Locate it before moving away
  • Move away slowly, with a hiking pole in front of you

If you are bitten, stay calm and restrict your movement. Resting will decrease your heart rate and the rate at which venom flows through your body. Wash the bite area immediately using soap and water or an antiseptic wipe, and immediately seek medical treatment. Remove any rings or watches that can restrict swelling. You can also wrap an affected extremity using a technique known as pressure immobilization. This is a first-aid technique to delay venom absorption.

Snake Prevention

Snakes are extremely agile. They can access your home through pipes or from under the floor. While a snake will usually seek to escape during an encounter, it may defend itself if startled.

The good news is that you can get rid of snakes, by making your home undesirable to them. One way to do this is to remove sources of food and shelter.

Cutting your lawn on a regular basis will reduce insects and ultimately snake numbers. Also remove any vegetation growing low to the ground to eliminate hiding spots, as well as trees and shrubs located close to your home. Decorative stones will also attract snakes, who will sun themselves on these warm surfaces.

Snake Fencing

Fencing is another way to snake-proof your property. It can prevent venomous rattlesnakes from entering your property. Get more information on our snake fencing page.

Snake FAQ

Q: How much does professional snake control service cost?
A: The cost of snake removal will be dependent on your home’s unique situation, including if additional prevention methods like fencing are recommended.

Q: Can’t I just buy snake repellent spray?
A: Many products claim to repel snakes. Unfortunately, these effectiveness claims aren’t based on scientific fact. Also, many snake traps and other products are little more than “snake oil,” designed to take your money.

Q: Should I remove a snake myself?
A: No! You should NEVER attempt to handle or remove any snake. Provoking a venomous snake can cause a life-threatening bite. If you’ve been bitten by a snake, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.  

Why Choose Us for Expert Rattlesnake Removal in Los Angeles?

Animal Capture Wildlife Control possesses over 20 years of experience removing rattlesnakes from every type of property. We are licensed in the safe and humane removal of snakes and several other wild animals throughout the Los Angeles area.

We provide inspections and snake removal cost estimates, and can also identify snake dens and install snake fencing. Our experts safely identify and capture snake species, returning them to the wild and removing the threat to your home and family.

Our snake removal company’s excellent service record has earned us many accolades and much recognition.

We provide professional snake removal service in several areas of Los Angeles, including Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Benedict Canyon, Runyon Canyon, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Mulholland Drive, Agoura Hills, Canyon Country, Sherman Oaks, and Woodland Hills.

Hire a professional to eliminate your snake problems. Call us today at (310) 551-0901.

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