brown rattle snake

Why Do Snakes Come into Houses?

A snake is the last thing you want inside your home. There are a few factors that contribute to these slithering reptiles being attracted to the indoors. If snakes are living on your property, you may need to find a snake removal specialist. The animal may be inside your home looking to:

  • Find a Place to Hide: Snakes like to hide, whether to avoid predators or to ambush their prey. Brick piles, wooden boards, or metal sheets near your home are also common hiding spots.
  • Avoid Bad Weather: Snakes will try to escape extreme temperatures because they’re unable to regulate internal body temperature. Storm water might also fill their underground dens.
  • Prey on Animals Hiding in Basements: If you have a rodent infestation or nearby bird feeders, it’s more likely you’ll have a snake problem in or around your home.

How Snakes Get Inside

Although snakes in the toilet get more press, basements are one of the most common hiding spots for these creatures. Snakes usually get inside through cracks in the foundation or spaces between bricks and mortar, bricks and siding, or between siding and stone veneers.

A snake may climb into the attic lured by the delicious smell of a rat. It could also hitch a ride inside by clinging to a house plant. If the snake is inside the pot when you buy the plant or transport it from your yard or patio, the snake can then slither out inside your home.

Contact Animal Capture Wildlife Control

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