5 important things to know about raccoons

Raccoons are known for their masked faces, which intrigue many people. But these mammals can cause trouble, and owners of homes and businesses may find it necessary to contact a raccoon removal service. Here are some interesting facts about raccoons.

  1. Their hands are strong and dexterous. Like humans, raccoons have five fingers on each hand. They use them to eat (plants, small mammals, insects, fruits, berries and more) and for opening things such as doors.
  2. Mating season is from January to mid-March. After a two-month pregnancy, females have two or three offspring. Wild raccoons live to be about five years of age, while the ones in captivity can live up to 30 years. Many homeowners have had to use wildlife removal services when dealing with raccoon families.
  3. They are intelligent and have adapted well to urban areas. At York University near Toronto, professor Suzanne MacDonald studied raccoons and found that while the ones living in the country tracked the scent of food to the bottom of a trash can, their urban relatives did something else. They put their effort into removing the lid. They were successful in doing so, while their country cousins were not.
  4. Their masks are essential. By absorbing light, the black around their eyes reduces glare. It also enhances contrast to give them better vision at night when they are very active.
  5. These animals possess a highly developed sense of touch. They have 800 to 1,000 times the number of sensory cells in their paws as other mammals. They do not necessarily have to look at an object because they learn a lot about it just by holding it.

When raccoons find their way into homes, tear up lawns or cause other problems, wildlife animal control is necessary. Eliminate nuisance situations by contacting a raccoon removal service.