Are Racoons Harmful?

Raccoon removal can be frustrating for homeowners in Los Angeles whose residences are invaded by this cute, fuzzy animal that is anything but harmless. At Animal Capture Wildlife Control, we offer professional raccoon removal service to safely get the animal off your property.

What Are Raccoons?

A raccoon, or “coon,” is a wildlife animal that is about 20-40 inches in length, grey and white, sports a ringed bushy tail, and has a black facial marking that makes it look like a masked bandit. Coons that find their way into the cities and suburbs are usually up to no good, which is why wildlife animal control and raccoon removal services are always on the hunt for them.

Why Raccoons Are Harmful

Coons can live in or beneath your home and wreak havoc on the building’s structure, roofing, vents, plants, trees, soil, and garbage containers. These fuzzballs are known for crawling into and nesting in your attic, crawl spaces, or under the flooring. They are active mostly at night, eat crops and livestock, and love to rummage through garbage cans looking for food, all while leaving trails of feces and urine as they explore. Aggressive coons may even attack pets or young children. They pose a health hazard since they are infested with fleas, ticks, and other parasites which they can spread along with diseases such as rabies.

Get Expert Raccoon Removal Service in LA

With sharp teeth and claws, rabid coons may scratch or bite, especially when they feel threatened. This can make raccoon removal difficult to accomplish on your own. It’s usually easier to hire a raccoon removal service professional to get the job done safely. Animal Capture Wildlife Control raccoon removal specialists in LA are trained to search for, trap, and capture these animals in a safe and humane manner. Call 310-551-0901 to make a service appointment today.