raccoon laying on tren branch

Can I Adopt a Pet Raccoon?

People who keep wildlife like raccoons as pets might encounter some pushback. From a cultural standpoint, there’s a common belief that wildlife pets like raccoons are a bad idea since they do not have an extensive history of domestication. While raccoons aren’t traditional pets, we can point to historical figures like former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, who kept two raccoons during his time in office.

We must examine raccoon adoption from a legal standpoint to gain a clearer understanding of the matter.

Laws in California for Keeping a Pet Raccoon

Owning a pet raccoon is legal in some states but illegal in many other states. If you’re a Californian looking to adopt a pet raccoon, you won’t be able to unless you file a prohibited animal permit with the California Department of Fish and Game.1

If you were to acquire a prohibited animal permit with the California Department of Fish and Game, you might encounter some challenges.

Challenges That Can Come with Adoption

Having access to a reliable veterinarian is essential when owning a pet. It might be challenging to find a veterinarian capable of treating a raccoon due to their rarity as pets.

Many people are aware that wildlife animals are more likely to have viruses like rabies. Raccoons are the most common wildlife species to be infected with rabies.2 Humans have to be especially careful, as raccoons can pass rabies on through bites. As raccoons mature, they go through hormonal patterns that increase the likelihood of territorial behavior, leading to biting.

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