Raccoon Behind Bars

Prevent Raccoons From Entering Your Home

Homeowners care about keeping their property neat, tidy, and safe. If you leave a raccoon problem on your property unattended, you’re risking the possibility of different types of damage occurring.

Don’t let this get you down!

We’re going to discuss what keeps raccoons away so you can have an easier time maintaining your property.

How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Property

It’s helpful to begin your mission of keeping your property raccoon-free by securely storing trash cans and pet food indoors. If you leave pet food outside and it ends up being eaten without your knowledge, that’s a key indicator that raccoons may be present on your property. Other signs include tracks or droppings. Securing the lids on your trashcans is a helpful way to be extra safe when storing your trashcans.

Wondering what scent will keep raccoons away? Here’s a list.

Keep a Neat Property and Seal Entry Points

While fruit that has fallen on the ground from your yard’s fruit trees can be a pretty sight, cleaning and picking up any fallen fruit is going to decrease your odds of raccoons visiting your property. If your residence contains higher-risk areas for raccoons like gardens or compost piles, consider installing an electric fence to deter raccoons as traditional fences provide less protection.

You can block off potential raccoon den sites by keeping your yard clean and sealing off potential entry points like your chimney, deck, and shed. People often use hardwire mesh to seal off entry points.

If you live in Los Angeles and are looking for professional assistance with how to prevent raccoons—keep reading!

A Solution to Raccoons on Your Property: Animal Capture Wildlife Control

Animal Capture Wildlife Control can evaluate your property, seal off raccoon entry points, place barriers in and around your home, provide repellents—and more! We take the stress out of raccoon removal so your property can remain a peaceful place.

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