How to Prevent Opossums from Entering Your Home

common opossum walking on new backyard fence

Opossums are generally considered a nuisance. Although they’re harmless and rarely carry rabies, opossums carry fleas that can infest indoor pets. Fleas from dead opossums with nothing to feed on can migrate deeper into living spaces; even flea larvae (which don’t need blood) can continue feeding on debris in hidden opossum nests until reaching maturity, at which point adult fleas will seek out new food sources.

Safe to say, you don’t want wild animals like opossums in your home. If you see opossums around, call an animal and wildlife control expert or do the following:

Eliminate Access to Food

Feed your pet indoors. As opportunistic omnivores, opossums will eat pretty much anything, from old food scraps and garbage to bugs, spiders, slugs, and even rotted wood. Also, seal up trash cans, clean up barbecue grills, and dispose of fallen fruit from trees.

Put Dog/Cat Fur Where Opossums Go

Collect your pet’s fur and scatter it where opossums gather. To opossums, the odor is akin to the smell of a predator, so they’ll likely leave. Smelly items such as garlic, mothballs, and ammonia can also be effective for wildlife pest control.

Install Motion-Activated Lights/Sprinklers

Opossums can be startled by light, so installing motion-activated lights where they frequent can help deter them. For less skittish animals, water sprinklers can be effective.

Trim Those Tree Branches

Branches should be no closer than five feet from your roof. Trim them to prevent opossums from having access to your home from trees and avoid putting climbing plants near your house.

Set Up Traps

A live-holding trap can help lure opossums from your crawlspaces. To provide effective pest control, the trap should include bait such as vegetables, fruits, or sardines. When an opossum is captured, cover the trap, wear thick gloves to prevent injury, and move it to where you’ll release the animal.

Call for Animal Control Near You

You can do what you can to prevent critters from entering your home, but sometimes they are very persistent. If you find that an opossum has snuck into your home, consider contacting a professional. Animal Capture Wildlife Control specializes in humane trapping and removal of opossums and other wildlife from Los Angeles homes. Call 310-551-0901 to schedule service and keep the wildlife out of your home.