How to Get Rid of Snakes in the House

 small snake at home outdoor table

Seeing a snake slither by while you’re relaxing in your home can send you shrieking out the door. The chances are good that the snake is non-poisonous, but you’ll need to get it out of your home as soon as possible if you believe it may be venomous. If you’re confident enough to remove the snake yourself instead of relying on the expertise of a snake removal service professional, consider the following strategies:

Open the Door

Leaving the snake alone may be more effective than you think. If given enough time, many snakes will exit your home in the manner in which they entered. If the snake is in a room that has a door leading to the outdoors, close the inside doors and windows and open the door that leads outside.

You’ll need patience and perhaps nerves of steel, but if you give the reptile enough time, it will slither out the same way it slithered in. While waiting for the reptile to depart, keep the environment as quiet as you can because loud noises and commotion may cause it to retreat to an obscure area in your home.

Nudge It Into a Trash Can

If you have the nerve to do it and are confident that the snake is non-venomous and will not strike out, consider gently nudging it into a trash can. Place the trash can on the floor and position it on its side.

Once you see the snake, use a large broom to gently push the reptile into the receptacle. After the snake is safe and secure in the trash can, return the can back into its upright position and then put the lid back on.

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