Portrait of young raccoon

Raccoon Control and Removal

Don’t get fooled by their cute faces. Raccoons, once they invade your home, can be a nightmare. From damaging your property to being a health hazard, raccoons are a danger you must not take lightly.

That’s why you must enlist the help of a raccoon removal service the moment you suspect you have them on your property. Don’t worry! Your cute and cuddly visitors will come to no harm. Here’s how raccoon removal works in three simple steps:


As with all pest control strategies, raccoon removal starts with inspecting your property. This will help identify where the critters spend most of their time and the extent of the damage they’ve caused. More than that, it will help determine the best way to trap them.


Never try to capture a raccoon by yourself. That’s because they are a rabies vector species and should be handled with care—by professionals. You need to enlist the help of raccoon removal services. They’ll trap the raccoons safely and humanely and ensure that the kits are captured as well.


What happens after the raccoons are trapped? They are safely transported to a wildlife rehabilitation center. They are kept there for a while before being released into the wild—far from your home, of course.

How to Remove Raccoons the Safe Way – Call an Expert

Wondering how to remove raccoons from your property? Well, the easiest and safest way is to call the experts. Remember, raccoons may be cute, but they can also be dangerous. So, if you have some unwelcome visitors of the raccoon kind, give us a call at (310) 551-0901, and we’ll be more than happy to get them off your property.