Snake Dens: Know the Signs

brown rattle snake on grass

Snakes can live in a variety of habitats, and this can include suburban backyards. That is why it helps to know the signs of having snakes on your property to make sure you don’t have some unwanted guests.

Snakes can’t dig holes, so they will usually take shelter in another animal’s burrows. Snakes will also inhabit holes that are dug by rodents, such as mice, groundhogs and chipmunks. They will slide into the hole when the rodent is out or attack it. Some snakes will spend most of their lives in holes, only emerging for sunshine and food, while others only want to seek shelter during cold months. Since snakes don’t create the holes, the holes they inhabit won’t be a shape or size. The most obvious sign of a snake infestation would be if you see a snake.

Signs of an Infestation

You See a Snake: If you see one, then you could have more than just one snake on your property. Snakes are mostly nocturnal, so they will be active at night and are most active during the warm summer months. Snakes don’t usually live in colonies, so just because there is one doesn’t mean you have an infestation.

You Find Skin: Snakes shed skin, and it remains where the snake left it for a while. If you discover snakeskin too close for comfort, it is time to contact a wildlife animal control professional for help. They will be able to identify the type of snake and safely remove it from your property.

You See Eggs or a Nest: Snakes will typically have babies in the fall, so you may stumble across eggs or a nest and not a snake. If you do find eggs on your property, you should leave them alone until a snake removal service can come. You don’t know if the mother snake is nearby.

If you notice any signs of snakes on your property, be sure to call a snake removal service to make sure the snake is safely removed.