Signs of Indoor Snakes

snake forked tongue

Snakes are a difficult pest to determine if they have infested the home as they don’t tend to leave much evidence. Unlike mice or insects that burrow, chew or damage property, snakes tend to just slide into whatever existing hole they can find. Here are a few indicators, however, that can be considered conclusive that a snake has moved into your home.

Shed Skins

As snakes grow, they shed the outermost layer of skin. While it is unsettling to think that a snake just upgraded itself inside your home, seeing one does narrow down the possible type of pest to a snake only.

Slither Tracks

Should the surface be dusty enough (such as in an attic or basement), curved S-shaped tracks are an indication that something slithered when traveling. Though not as 100% as a shed skin, it’s still most likely the sign of a snake.


Many of the snakes that are likely to intrude a home emit a foul, musky smell. If you notice this, but have no pets, it may be a sign that something else lives there. Smell alone is not a definitive sign that a snake is present unless the specific scent is identified, however.

Snake, Confirmed

So, it’s official; there’s a snake. Congratulations. Now what to do? If it is not known whether the snake is venomous, assume that it is. It never hurts to treat each snake as though it is dangerous and aggressive, as even a docile snake can become those things when it feels threatened. In any case, when a snake is discovered, it is always best to use a professional snake removal service such as Animal Capture Wildlife Control to assess and fix your situation.