Pet Kingsnake

The Best Types of Snakes to Have as a Pet

Snakes are unique and fascinating animals, making them a popular choice for those seeking a pet, but which snake species make the best pets? Some snakes make the perfect companion, while others will prompt you to call snake removal services.

Smaller Species

If you’re a first-time snake owner that isn’t into feeding your pet rodents, a smaller snake species from a pet store or breeder can be a good choice. Consider species like the sand boa or ringneck, house, green, garter, or brown snakes. All of these species can be fed fish or frogs and will remain less than three feet long.

Larger Snakes

Larger snake species include corn, king, and milk snakes as well as ball pythons. All of these species are docile and offer easy care. They all require mice or rats for feeding and, although larger than the species above, they will remain a reasonable size.

General Considerations

Regardless of its size, it’s important to ensure your snake’s tank is big enough. They’ll also need a heat source to regulate their body temperature. All of this information, including how to feed them, can be demonstrated by a breeder or pet store employee.

Just like with any pet, if you’re considering a snake, be prepared to make a long-term commitment of up to 20 years or possibly longer. Because snakes can be escape artists, be sure to have a number for a professional snake trapping service.

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